Many people feel that our culture has an unhealthy fear and discomfort with the topic of death. Jon Underwood, England felt so strongly that opening up the dialogue about death would help people cope better with their own mortality, that he established a movement ( which he called Death Café, where people could meet together to talk about any aspect regarding death of their choosing.

Since the first of these events in 2011,  there have been over 4000.  The church held 4 last year with great success. These meeting are not about grief counselling; there is no agenda, or advice giving and they always include cake and coffee.

Jon Underwood’s sudden death earlier this year at the age of 44 makes it all the more important to carry on this work of gaining acceptance of death through conversation. If you are curious at all, please join us at the church on one or all of the above mentioned dates.

 The object of the Death Cafe  is ‘to increase awareness of death with a view to helping people make the most of their (finite) lives’.

Death Cafés will be held at 1pm on Sunday:
October 22
December 10
February 25
April 22

Westminster United Church, 115 George St, Thamesford

 See more at: or call Catherine Cannon (519) 619-8108. We’d love to see you there!